Taylor Sc.
• Bachelor of Fine Arts • MA Film & TV
• MA Journalism • BA Law (pending)

Born in warm sunkissed Australia, Taylor is a young journalist / photographer who started out in the creative industries from an early age; with modelling and acting and music since childhood. He has progressively worked his way through many aspects of the media, from in front of the lens, to behind, to writing, editing, producing and designing. He has been represented by leading agencies worldwide, including Chic, Viviens and Kubler Auckland in Australia. Coming from a modelling background gives him a virtually unique insight into what it is like on both sides of the camera, and the challenges modelling brings. Too often modelling is seen as 'simplistic' and 'easy', when any experience proves otherwise - being photographed is a uniquely intimate exposure that needs trust and understanding between the subject and the photographer. His work as a journalist & photojournalist for range from ACP and Emap publications like FHM, Zoo and Cleo, and a wide range of fashion companies and commercial clients such as Runway Magazine, Instyle, Coca Cola, Panasonic, Hyundai, Hungry Jacks... the list goes on.

His experience has given him a deep understanding and know-how in effective multimedia- for the printed word, glossy photos, perky radio and engaging video styles of communication. With a fresh and unique style, his photography and writing delves heavily into beauty and fantasy, making the everyday magical and creating heightened experiences of pleasure in life.

Since starting modelling at the age of 10 and through his twenties, there are years of experience and a depth in appreciation of how to style and shoot the kind of photos needed for actors and models to give them a unique look in a competitive niche industry. His style is unique, with emphasis on beauty and alluring emotional being states. His role models are Mario Testino, Adam Watson, Annie Leibovitz, and countless others whose names were never attributed to their work...

Engaging and inimitable words are the backbone of every successful publication. A Master's Degree in Journalism compliments his years of writing, stemming from years of reading quality work. His work has been commended by the Press Council of Australia, and has featured in many Australian publications. With a love of Travel Journalism, his style could best be described as quirky, entertraining with attention to detail and meticulous care for a polished product. His specialities are in writing for male and female magazines. A half degree in Law secures and solidifies more complex journalistic endeavours.

Taylor has worked at several stations, including Sea FM, Radio Metro and Groove FM. In addition, he has a swathe of voice over commercials performed on the side. For a unique voice that can think fast and land on its feet (esophagus?), look no further than these vocal chords.

With a Master's Degree in Film & TV, Taylor in conjunction with his team at Thinktank Multimedia  produces guerrilla documentaries, lifestyle shows, Travel pieces and other unique product. Clients include Sony, several Korean Advertising Campaigns, and his work has appeared on all the major Television networks, 7, 9 & 10.

Press play below for a demo reel of some of his voice over work.



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