2 Hour Portait Shoot 3 Different Looks, 2 Locations, 1 Savvy Photographer, =Unlimited Results! This starter package gives the beginning portfolio a unique start to professional photography. Raw Delivery and 8 selected and edited. Fees include time and creativity, and all camera equipment and lighting, plus the all important post-processing in a darkroom, lab & Photoshop. Virtually all photography is refined in some way and this is the difference between everyday photography and stellar results. At Thinktank we are passionate about photography and making our clients look the very best.

3 Hour Portrait with Make Up Assistant & Stylist + Editing Studio or Location. A deeper professional package, Photography is all about communication - it is telling a story to the viewer, but also there is a dialog between the artist and his muse. Like food, time is required to capture the best images, to create rapport between the two, and to find the 'flow' zone, where creatively flows in a feedback loop. A three hour session gives the person unused to pro photography a time to relax, to find their space, whilst giving the professional more time to play and pump up the creative juices to capture the quirky unexpected moments of brilliance, the quiet moments and the quintessentially artistic pictures called "Photography". Some things should not be rushed. This package also includes one of our preselected Make Up Artists worldwide, to give an added level of beauty and brilliance for classic shots, or get creative and try something commercial, something glamourous or something truly freaky! Choose your own outfits, styles and concepts, or ask us for the latest conceptual shots running through our head - we love being avant garde . . . if you'll let us! As part of your package, 9 airbrushed and edited images are polished by our editors, making you and your images 'pop' and be at their most memorable, and another raw negative 9 all on your very own DVD.

Ultimate Wedding Package Shoot (8 hours) A wedding is perhaps the most important day in a person's life. As such, we'll cover you and collect the memories during your special moment. From preparation to performance, all of the special moments will be captured with video and still photography. And delivered in a customised DVD and individual flush mount coffee table book. If you desire a specific album company we can easily create a custom quote.

Commercial / Fashion / Print / Copywriting Please Contact for quote. Today, to make a persuasive sales campaign lies predominantly in the visual realm - access the power of professional photography - the essence of human communication. Contact us for a custom made quote for your competitive corporate needs. Our company is nimble to bend to your demands, yet potent enough to pump up the potential of your campaign. Our happy list of clients know that Thinktank goes the extra mile to ensure success, as we are not satisfied until you are.

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