..a boutique media company in Sydney and New York City. We specialise on exquisite and effective communication. Whether with visual, spoken or written words, we specialize in engaging audiences through: Press, Photography, Radio, Video, Attract, Engage, Entertain and Retain more clients through beautiful heightened reality. As an independent and guerilla production house, we provide your business with personalized high quality solutions for use in print, multimedia, and the web. We specialize in defining and developing your organization's identity and pride ourselves on our flexibility, creative industry, quality and value. Thinktank Multimedia can create and execute your ideas from planning and production to professional product in the market, no matter what your budget. Past clients include Panasonic, Hyundai, Burger King, Nokia, Samsung, Sony, FHM, Cleo & various magazines and leading fashion labels. We Create, Produce and Deliver your taylor made package, and have our in house and outsourced teamof writers, photographers, makeup artists, designers, models and other talent to engage quality results. Communicating ideas effectively through media is a highly specialized niche market - what better way to outsource your multimedia needs to a company that is passionate about delivering the very best product at the very best prices? Thinktank Multimedia. Think Big. ThinkTank.

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